Global Brand Analysis

We serve the identity consultant who is determined to build great global brands. You are already a branding expert, but are you a GLOBAL branding expert? In just five minutes we can uncover dangerous holes you may have in your global branding process.

Our customized process and support help prevent global branding disasters. Contact us today to schedule your five minute process assessment.

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You work hard to create brands that enable your clients to grow. So why waste time making recommendations that won't work globally? Let Choice Translating® help you develop visual and verbal identities that maximize global brand equity for your clients. The Global Branding Catalyst™ creates a tightly coordinated, repeatable process that delivers critical branding information to your clients and a high value revenue stream to your firm.

"When I first met Michelle Menard, president of Choice Translating, our company had just finished producing a corporate capabilities brochure for a division of Danaher ...

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