You work hard to take care of your students, no matter what language they speak or where they're from. So why make your job harder than it needs to be?

The International Student Advantage™ helps advisors and students coordinate the college application, credential translation and evaluation processes, and enables advisors to communicate with non-English speaking parents to help with transitions and crisis management.

With The International Student Advantage™ we help you increase international student enrollment, facilitate smooth transitions and deliver great experiences.

Choice Language Access™
  • Translation of credentials, recruitment materials and other documents
  • Telephone interpreting in 176 languages to assist with parent updates, crisis management, etc.
  • Streamlines the credential evaluation process through partnerships with NACES certified evaluation companies
International Student Touchpoint™
  • Maps international student touchpoints from recruitment through retention
  • Identifies streamlining opportunities that save you time and money
Choice University™
  • Trains your staff how to maximize The International Student Advantage™
  • Provides flexible training options and an online information resources portal

International Student Advantage

Translating academic transcripts for students and helping advisors increase enrollment and retention.

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