Michelle Menard

President and CEO

The daughter of immigrant parents, Michelle grew up in a multicultural and multilingual family. She founded Choice Translating® in 1995 while attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Today, shaped by her vision to change the world one word at a time, the company is a multimillion-dollar borderless business.

Outside of Choice Translating®, Michelle enjoys international travel, raising chickens and guinea fowl, and spending time with her family.

Vernon J. Menard III

Chief Operating Officer

Vernon Menard joined Choice Translating® in 2000 as Chief Operating Officer, working to make the world smaller, more connected and a better place to be. Vernon holds a B.A. in international studies, economics and Spanish from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He also completed the EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Entrepreneurial Masters Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Outside of Choice Translating, Vernon enjoys learning new things. Current projects include beekeeping and organic farming in the North Carolina Foothills.

Tanja August

QA Specialist, Translation

Tanja is a native German speaker with a background in international business and cultural studies and a long career in the translation industry. She works her magic behind the scenes, being responsible for final quality review of all translation and branding projects. She also handles terminology management, quality assurance metrics and documentation, and vendor evaluations. Tanja can literally run circles around all of us, being an avid runner.

Karen Barjum-Soroka

Interpreting Department Integrator

Karen was born and raised in Honduras. She’s an industrial engineer by trade, a community server by love, and a mother to two beautiful children. She’s also one mean piano player.

Meghan Cooper

Navigator, Translation/Branding

Meghan holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Linguistics. In her role as project manager at TravelingBrand, Choice Translating’s sister company, she oversees the branding production from start to finish on linguistic validation projects. As a new homeowner, Meghan gets down and dirty (literally) in the yard in her spare time. She even knows the difference between an Azalea and a Rhododendron.

Emily Dickinson

Interpreting Department Specialist

Emily is a Midwestern transplant to the Carolinas. Her background as a Spanish interpreter with specialization and certification in healthcare/medical interpreting grants her a multidimensional understanding of the interpreting industry, enabling her to visualize and implement strategic projects for the interpreting department at Choice Translating®. Her big heart extends to the animal kingdom in her volunteer work for a local animal rescue.

Jenna Fitton

Project Manager, Translation

Born and raised in the UK, Jenna began her journey in the language industry at the age of 19 at a large translation agency. During her long career she has led virtual teams on complex and technical localization projects and ensured quality assurance at every stage of the project cycle. Jenna’s favorite person in the world is her little dog with big personality, Chewy.

Ana Forbis

Interpreting Services Scheduler

Ana is a longtime veteran of Choice Translating®, working as an interpreter for years before switching to her current role as a scheduler. Through her experience in both roles she gained a thorough understanding of what clients and interpreters need to succeed. In her free time, Ana loves Italian food and gardening. In that order.

Noemi Jimenez

Interpreting Services Scheduler

Noemi holds a degree in Spanish and Italian. She started working as an interpreter for Choice Translating® and enjoys her role of an interpreter as well as her role as a scheduler, as both roles allow her to help bridge the language gap in the community. Noemi keeps active by rollerblading and biking with her two sons.

Heidi Lind

Senior Project Manager, Translation

Heidi was born and raised in Germany. She holds a degree in Translation and has spent her entire career in the industry. In her role as a senior project manager at Choice Translating® she offers solutions and options to her clients, educates about best practices, and ensures a high-quality, accurate deliverable, on time and on budget. Heidi leads a gypsy life. If she’s not traveling the world, she commutes between beach and mountains (always with her animals in tow).

Mary Romano

International Business Specialist

Mary was born in North Carolina but has lived all over the world, including the UK, Germany, and Singapore. She holds an international MBA and has spent most of her career consulting with companies on international trade. Her current role at Choice allows her to leverage that experience advising on language service solutions to resolve issues and grow business internationally. Also, if you want to get on Mary’s good side, she really loves chocolate!

Pamela Tomey

Team Leader, Operational Team, Interpreting

Pamela has been in the world of Choice Translating® for many years. She is passionate about giving clients and interpreters choices and resources to meet their goals and needs. She is a dedicated mom to her beautiful daughter and loves exploring the world with her.

Rachelle Wagler

Project Manager, Translation

Rachelle is part French and part American, with a background in arts and humanities. Her versatile role in project management spans both the translation and the branding department (TravelingBrand). She’s also a phenomenal photographer and artist, making all of us look better on photos when given the chance.