The Global Branding Catalyst™

The Global Branding Catalyst™ is a customized process and support system that helps identity consultants prevent global branding disasters. Failing to take on global branding challenges is risky… for your client’s economic survival and for your own reputation.

Let us help you create brands that maximize global brand equity for your clients. The Global Branding Catalyst™ creates a tightly coordinated, repeatable process that delivers critical branding information to your clients and a high value revenue stream to your firm.

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Global Process Mapping™
  • Uncovers ways to reinforce your ability to sell global branding solutions
  • Identifies ways to enhance your global branding capabilities
Global Process Maximizer™
  • Develops tools to globalize your sales process
  • Develops tools to globalize your creative process
Branding Catalyst
  • Customizes the scope and format of deliverables according to your preferences
  • Delivers concise, practical and actionable branding information
Global Branding University™
  • Trains your team how to maximize The Global Branding Catalyst™
  • Delivers flexible training options and an online information resources portal
  • Provides target market, linguistic and cultural consulting