Global Brand Evaluation™

Global Brand Evaluation™ identifies viable global name and logo candidates from semi-final lists through rigorous in-country analysis.


IdentityFilter™ quickly removes verbal and visual candidates with blatant negative connotations from early stage lists of up to 75 candidates generated by your creative team.


SayItWrite™ delivers sound file recordings of how name candidates will be pronounced in the intended target markets, along with phonetic spellings of name candidates in Roman and non-Roman alphabets.

Advertising Localizer™

Advertising Localizer™ recreates advertising copy in other languages to enhance brand equity in specific markets.

Tagline Localizer™

Tagline Localizer™ recreates taglines in other languages to enhance brand equity in specific markets.


NameCasting™ enhances your ability to create names with similar associations in multiple markets.


NamingCatalyst™ develops foreign language name candidates as a catalyst for your creative team.

Also known as international brand analysis, linguistic analysis, and name validation, our customized process and support leverage the experience of trained professional linguists in more than 80 countries.