Year: 2012

UNCC's Business and Society Program Interviews Vernon and Michelle Menard

Episode: The Translating and Interpreting Industry: Why Every Word Counts In this episode of UNCC's Business & Society, Dr. Rosemarie Tong, Ph.D., sits down with Michelle and Vernon Menard of Choice Translating, Inc. to talk about ethics in a business environment where every word counts.

A Restaurant Menu is Lost in Translation

Click to read an article that illustrates how an erroneous translation impacts a restaurant's menu.

Speak to Global Customers in Their Own Language

Do you struggle to reach customers beyond your own country's borders? If targeting clients in other countries seems daunting, there is one simple step you can start with. Read More

Study - Interpreters in ER may limit medical errors

Having professional interpreters for non-English-speaking patients were found to reduce mistakes which could have "clinical consequences" according to a recent US study. "The findings document that interpreter errors of potential clinical consequence are significantly more likely to occur when…