About Us

Choice Translating’s story began with a vision, grew stronger with love, and continues through the work of a dedicated team.

In 1995, Michelle founded the company from her home, while being an undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte. That’s when she met Vernon Menard, who was one of Choice Translating’s first customers working for a company involved in international trade at the time. Vernon was not only sold on Michelle’s language expertise and her company vision, but also on Michelle herself!

Together, Vernon and Michelle have built a multimillion-dollar business, supporting a variety of industries with translation and interpreting services offered in 200 languages.

Today, we solve communication challenges by offering our clients the complete package of document and website translations, on site and remote interpreting, as well as brand naming solutions. Whether you need to address a diverse workforce/clientele or seek to enter the international stage, we have the solutions to help you succeed. See our services for more information.