Frequently Asked Questions

Facing a communication obstacle in important or sometimes life-threatening moments can be nerve wracking. We help you overcome language barriers as easily and painlessly as possible. Please see below some of the most frequently asked questions.

Schedule Interpreter is our online scheduling platform for interpreting appointments. When you have an account with us, you can easily and quickly request an interpreter using this platform 24/7 without having to call us. You can also check your current appointments and appointment history.

Interpreters meet the client, often in person, and provide assistance for the spoken word, whereas translators work mostly from home and work on written text.

We currently offer over in-person and and over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) and will soon also be offering Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). We have interpreters available locally for over 40 languages and can provide OPI services in about 200 languages.

If you have an account with Choice Translating®, you can log into our online platform and schedule a request.

If you do not have an account with us, we encourage you to call for a free quote at 704.717.0043 during our regular business hours.

You will first need to set up an account with us. Once your account is activated, we will email a flyer for you and your staff. This flyer shows your dedicated call-in number & access code, and provides an overview of best practices.

Once you have scheduled an interpreter either through our online platform or by calling our staff, you will receive a confirmation email to the contact information logged in our scheduling system. This email will contain the name of the assigned interpreter and a verification of your appointment details for you to review.

Consecutive interpreters speak after someone has finished his/her speech. This type of interpreting is most commonly seen at medical appointments. Simultaneous interpreters continuously speak while you are speaking, often via headsets. This is most commonly seen at conferences.

We send interpreters to hospitals and clinics, businesses, conferences, city and county departments, and courts. Whether you need a multi-day interpreter to accompany visiting foreign dignitaries or a short phone call with a patient, we can assist you with interpreting services 24 a day, 365 days a year.

In order to set up a request or a quote we need the following information: Date, time, location, and address of the appointment, a contact number, type of appointment, duration, language requested, and other pertinent information regarding specific details for the appointment. Details are important so that we can match you with the most qualified interpreter.

Of course. We aim to please. If you were happy with a previous interpreter and wish to use his/her services again, you may request this when booking your next appointment. If this interpreter is not available for the requested appointment, another equally qualified linguist will be able to assist your appointment.

We will always try to fulfill your request, even in emergency situations. However, we would prefer to make it the exception and not the rule and ask that you give us adequate notice to meet your needs. For foreign languages, that means one week, and for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters we need a minimum of two weeks. If you are in urgent need of an interpreter and cannot wait for an interpreter to become available and travel to your location, we can connect you with a qualified over-the-phone interpreter in a matter of seconds.

We are constantly expanding to new areas, making sure we have qualified interpreters on staff. If, for some reason, we are unable to send an interpreter to your location, we will give you alternative solutions (times, dates, availability) and coordinate necessary travel arrangements to be able to cover your needs.

All our interpreters are held to the industry’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. These procedures have strict compliance with HIPAA confidentiality standards.